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Is It Worth Getting Breast Surgery Before Having Kids?

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Breast surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the United States. Breast surgery addresses many different concerns. 

For instance, if you are frustrated with your naturally small breasts or breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy or age, breast augmentation may be for you. If you suffer from the opposite condition — and have overly large, cumbersome breasts — breast reduction is appropriate. Or, if you are pleased with the general size of your breasts but deal with sagging (ptosis), a breast lift may be right up your alley. Breast lift surgery can also be combined with augmentation or reduction.

Pregnant woman sitting on bed, feeling top of her breast.

If you’re thinking of getting breast surgery, you may wonder when it is best to get it. For many women, the question comes down to a choice: before having kids or after having kids?

Well, there is no clear-cut answer, as the appropriate time varies from woman to woman. But, there are a few things to keep in mind when determining the right time for you.

How Does Pregnancy Affect the Breasts?

Pregnancy (and breastfeeding) places significant stress on the breasts. 

The breasts swell during pregnancy (as the milk ducts start producing milk) and then deflate after you’ve finished producing milk. And that doesn’t even start to describe the trauma put on the breasts when breastfeeding.

Therefore, the breasts are expected to change during this process (and rarely for the better). Commonly, women are left with sagging breasts, deflated breasts, or larger breasts than they had before (or wanted). 

Because of this, it is often recommended that breast surgery be postponed until after having your children. However, this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone.

When Should Women Consider Breast Surgery Before Kids?

Every woman has their own reasons for wanting surgery. For some, their small or undeveloped breasts have always been a detrimental factor to their self-esteem, which can affect nearly every area of their lives. For them, going for breast augmentation at an earlier age can significantly improve their confidence levels and quality of life.

The same can be said for women with overly large breasts. Unwanted attention (and physical pain) are common complaints among women seeking breast reduction. Women shouldn’t have to live with emotional and physical discomfort just because they haven’t had children yet. 

There are times when breast surgery before pregnancy is the right choice. 

How Does Pregnancy Affect Breast Surgery Results?

Everyone is unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all expected results. 

For example, factors such as the natural elasticity of your skin and heredity can impact how your breast will look after pregnancy. It can be challenging to predict how your breast will appear, and some women are happy with their surgical results even after pregnancy.

There is no way to anticipate how your breasts will change after pregnancy. There is always a risk; however, it is also not guaranteed that your breasts won’t perk back up after having kids. Everyone is different.

Fortunately, breast revision procedures, including a breast lift, are always available for women needing a “touch-up” to their breasts after childbirth.

When’s the Best Timing for Breast Surgery?

Based on the above information, you can decide on the right time to undergo breast surgery. 

This answer will not be the same for everyone.

However, if you are considering breast surgery knowing you want to get pregnant shortly (within a year or so), you may want to consider waiting.

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