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Breast Augmentation in Wichita, KS

Many women strive to improve the appearance of their breasts. Whether it is the desire to increase size and projection, improve symmetry, or enhance self-confidence, breast augmentation surgery can be the solution. With the ability to customize multiple components of the procedure, Dr. Conrad helps each patient attain the figure they’ve always desired.

Breast Augmentation Candidates

Breast augmentation surgery is appropriate for any patient who wishes to augment the size and shape of their breasts. Most women who want to improve their appearance have naturally small breasts. Other women may feel that their breasts are asymmetrical or disproportionate and want to have breasts that enhance their figure. These concerns can create feelings of self-consciousness, and a breast augmentation can remove insecurities and boost one’s confidence.

 Breast augmentation Procedure

There are many levels of customization to breast augmentation surgery.

 Breast Augmentation Incision Locations

Inframammary: Dr. Conrad makes this incision underneath the breast along the crease where the breast meets the chest. This is the most common incision location.

Periareolar: Dr. Conrad makes an incision around the outside of the areola.

Breast Implants


Saline implants are made of a silicone shell. They are inserted into the breast prior to being filled with their sterile saltwater solution; because of this, they can fit through a smaller incision than other implant types. The size of saline implants can also be adjusted if necessary. If a saline implant leaks, the body will absorb the saltwater naturally.


Silicone implants are made out of a silicone shell and are filled with a silicone gel. Many women prefer silicone because they feel very similar to natural breast tissue. However, as they are filled prior to insertion, these implants require larger incisions. A silicone implant rupture is not always immediately apparent and may require an MRI to confirm.


Dr. Conrad now offers Sientra® implants, which is a state-of-the-art silicone implant. This implant is more durable and has a minimal likelihood of complications, such as rippling or implant shifting. Sientra® has low rupture rates, as well.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Swelling is a typical side effect of breast augmentation surgery. Wearing a surgical bra will help to minimize this. Mild pain and discomfort is also typical but can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Regular activities, including going back to work, can be resumed after about one week. While walking and other mild physical activities are encouraged, more strenuous activities should be avoided until you are cleared by Dr. Conrad.

Breast Augmentation Results

Differences in the appearance of the breasts will be apparent almost immediately, though the wearing of compression garments may obscure these results initially. Swelling can also affect the appearance of the new breasts, but the final results will become clear as this swelling subsides with time.