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Breast Augmentation in Wichita, KS

Whether women desire to increase the size and projection of their breasts, improve symmetry, or enhance self-confidence, breast augmentation surgery can be the solution. With the ability to customize multiple components of the procedure (incision location, breast implant shape, breast implant projection, breast implant size, whether a mastopexy is utilized or not, etc.), Dr. Conrad helps each patient understand the things that can be changed, the things that can’t, and the pros and cons of each decision to attain the optimal shape and form they’ve always desired.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is appropriate for any patient who wishes to augment the size and shape of their breasts. Many women who want to improve their appearance have naturally small breasts or have lost volume with aging, pregnancy or weight loss. Along with this, some women may feel that their breasts are asymmetrical or disproportionate and wish to have breasts that are proportionate with their figure. These concerns can create feelings of self-consciousness, and a breast augmentation can remove insecurities by improving or restoring your breast size and shape to look more voluptuous and proportional.

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What Is the Procedure Like for Breast Augmentation?

There are many levels of customization to breast augmentation surgery that will help aid your comfort with every step. A general method to every breast augmentation surgery is Dr. Conrad will carefully make an incision, creating a pocket in the chest/breast area as gently as possible with as little trauma as possible, and insert an implant in the chest area. A breast lift might be recommended with your breast augmentation surgery if your breasts are sagging or have lost elasticity. Sometimes a woman has lost elasticity in her breasts, and they don’t support their own weight. Adding more weight can be problematic. An internal support with a fully dissolvable mesh called GalaForm3D can aid in creating an internal bra, which supports the implant or the breast alone if just a mastopexy or breast lift is performed.

Incision Locations

There are multiple incision locations that are possible.  In Dr Conrad’s hands, the inframammary is preferred for optimal aesthetics, decreased sensory changes and decreased complications.

Possible incisions include:

  • Inframammary: The incision is made in the crease where the breast meets the chest wall. An inframammary incision is the most common incision location.
  • Periareolar: The incision is made along the lower half of the areola, where it meets the breast skin.
  • Axillary: The incision is made in the most hidden area of the underarm on the skin fold.
  • Trans-umbilical: The incision is made on the navel versus the breasts.

Implant Placement Options

  • Partial Submuscular: This method places the implant beneath the pectoralis muscle on the chest, which helps to create a more natural appearance by providing more tissue to cover the shape of the implant, lowers capsular contracture rates and is better for mammography.
  • Subglandular: This method places the implants above the muscle on the chest, which helps to minimize movement of the implant when the chest muscles engage.

What Are My Breast Implant Options?

Dr. Conrad offers saline, silicone, and all manufacturer’s implants including Sientra®, Mentor® and Natrelle® breast implants. Sientra implants are only available through board-certified plastic surgeons. Luckily, the decision whether a breast implant is right for you will be based on Dr. Conrad’s recommendation and your physical anatomy.

Breast Implants


Saline implants are made out of a silicone shell. They are inserted into the breast prior to being filled with a sterile saltwater solution. This type of implant allows them to fit through a smaller incision than other implant types. The size of saline implants can also be adjusted if necessary. If a saline implant leaks, the body will absorb the saltwater naturally. Saline typically ripple more than silicone, feel less natural and wear less well over time.


Silicone implants are made out of a silicone shell and are filled with a silicone gel. Many women prefer silicone because they feel very similar to natural breast tissue. However, as they are filled before insertion, these implants require slightly larger incisions. Dr. Conrad’s location and closure methods leave a scar that typically heals very well and is imperceptible. A silicone implant rupture is not always immediately apparent and may need an MRI to confirm.


Dr. Conrad proudly offers Sientra® implants, which are state-of-the-art silicone. This implant is very durable and has a minimal likelihood of complications, such as rippling or implant shifting. Sientra® has low rupture rates, as well.

How Safe Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is the most routine plastic surgery performed today. More than 313,000 of these procedures were performed annually. Risks to consider are fortunately extremely rare and include bleeding, infection, pain, scarring or anesthesia complications.

Implant rupture could cause the contents of the implant to spill into the breast tissue. This condition is more common with saline implants, but since they are filled with only an absorbable saltwater solution, there is no real risk other than having the shell removed surgically. Silicone implants do not need to be urgently removed since the contents are not absorbable by the body, but generally removal and replacement are recommended if there is a rupture.

Another concern is breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a condition that has been associated with certain textured (in particular Allergan™) implants. But it is important to note that the percentage of women with textured implants who develop this disease is extremely low. Currently, textured devices are considered safe, and the FDA is not recommending that women remove textured implants unless they are experiencing BIA-ALCL symptoms.

What Is Recovery Like After Breast Augmentation?

You should be prepared to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and to stay with you for at least the first night following surgery. Swelling is a common side effect of breast augmentation surgery, which is why Dr. Conrad may encourage you to wear a surgical bra to help to minimize this. Mild pain and discomfort is also typical but can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication and specific exercises that Dr. Conrad and his team will recommend.

Regular activities, including going back to work, can be resumed after about one week. While walking and other mild physical activities are encouraged, more strenuous activities should be avoided until Dr. Conrad clears you. It is also important to stay hydrated before and after your surgery to ensure a healthy, safe recovery.

What Results Can I Expect After Breast Augmentation?

Differences in the appearance of the breasts will be apparent almost immediately, though garments may obscure these results initially. Swelling can also affect the appearance of the new breasts, but the final results will become clear as this swelling subsides with time. You can expect the results of your breast augmentation surgery to be long-lasting, but routine follow-ups with Dr. Conrad are recommended.

What Procedures Can Be Combined With Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation can be performed as a standalone procedure or combined with one of the following:

Want to Learn More About Breast Augmentation in Wichita, Kansas?

If you would like to learn more about your breast augmentation options in Wichita, Kansas, you can fill out an online contact form or call our office at (316) 681-2227. Dr. Conrad is committed to offering each person that enters his office a high level of personalized care that will help them achieve their aesthetic goals and desires with breast augmentation surgery.