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Acne Scar Correction in Wichita, KS

Getting rid of acne is often difficult, and what’s worse is that even with the elimination of acne, many people find themselves left with horrible acne scars. Acne sufferers find that creams, lotions, and other over-the-counter treatments are not robust enough to battle the unattractive scars caused by acne. Dr. Conrad offers a variety of treatments that can get rid of your acne scars and create a smoother, clearer complexion.

Treatments for Acne Scars

One or more of the correction treatments we offer can be performed to get rid of your acne scars and help you achieve a more refreshed look. Generally, one to three rounds of subcision and excision are alternated with DOT laser treatment for optimal results. The treatments are spaced approximately six weeks apart.

DOT (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) Therapy:

  • Procedure: This laser skin resurfacing treatment is performed in under an hour and is designed to improve acne scars by removing layers of skin and stimulating collagen. During DOT therapy, thousands of microscopic perforations are created in the skin in a dotted pattern, leaving the areas around each “dot” intact. This pattern allows the skin to heal more quickly, providing a safer, faster, and more efficient way of removing acne scars.
  • Benefits:
    • Minimally invasive
    • Minimal downtime
    • Quick recovery
    • Lasting results
  • Recovery: After the procedure, the skin will be red similar to a sunburn. This redness will be visible for a few days. Makeup should be avoided for at least three days. Cold compresses should be applied to the skin to aid in healing and to reduce discomfort. It is important to keep the skin hydrated by liberally applying lotion. The skin will return to normal within seven to 10 days, though redness may last longer depending on the degree of treatment.
  • Results: Once the skin has healed, patients will notice a smoother, more youthful complexion. With proper skin care and maintenance, such as using sunscreen daily, patients can expect to enjoy their results for many years.

Excisions and Subcisions

  • Procedure: More shallow scars are “released” through the use of a special needle that subcises or cuts the skin underneath the scar to allow it to rise. With excision, a punch incision is made using a biopsy instrument of equal or slightly greater diameter. The excision method replaces the round, indented scar with a flat, slit-like scar. Usually, removal is followed by punch grafting, which involves harvesting skin from another area of the body and using it to improve the tone and texture of the excision site.
  • Benefits:
    • Suitable for removing “ice pick” scars
    • Can be combined with DOT laser resurfacing
  • Recovery: Patients will notice minimal bruising and swelling in the area for about one to two weeks. Wounds should be cleansed and bandages should be changed daily.
  • Results: Results will not be apparent immediately following treatment; however, within a few weeks, when healing is complete, patients will see a significant reduction in the appearance of acne scars and improvement in the tone and texture of their facial skin.


  • Procedure: Injectable fillers are used to increase volume and fullness in the skin’s surface by “filling in” depressed acne scars. This treatment can be performed in less than an hour using one of the following injectables:
    • Bellafill®
    • Restylane-L®
    • Perlane-L®
    • PREVELLE™ Silk Dermal Filler
  • Benefits:
    • Non-surgical
    • Minimal pain
    • Quick recovery
    • Immediate results
  • Recovery: Patients can return to work and normal activities immediately following treatment.
  • Results: A significant difference in the appearance of the skin will be noticeable following treatment. Patients will see that their face is a lot smoother and looks more youthful. Results are not permanent but can last six to 12 months.

If you are interested in acne scar correction, Dr. Conrad is an experienced specialist who can help you achieve smoother skin. To schedule your consultation, contact us by calling (316) 681-2227 or by filling out our online contact form.