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The Ultimate Guide to Breast Surgery for Women of All Ages

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Designing Your Breasts 

Breast surgeries are appropriate at any age, from your 20s to your 60s. Younger women are likely more interested in increasing or decreasing the size of their breasts. In contrast, older women will probably have to contend with age-related and pregnancy-related laxity as an added concern. 

Keep reading for a complete guide on how to design your breasts based on your age.

Image of woman's bust wearing a white sports bra.

Designing Your Breasts When You Are Younger (The 20s-30s)

When you’re younger, the only issue you’re likely dealing with is the size of your breasts. You might find that your breasts are too small, so you are considering breast augmentation. A breast augmentation can give your breasts the size and contour to make you feel confident and womanly.

On the other hand, some young women choose to get a breast reduction. If your breasts are too large for your frame, it can cause self-esteem issues, unwanted attention, and even back pain.

Designing Your Breasts When You Are Older (The 40s-60s)

As you age, your body changes, and you may have new issues with your breasts. If you go through one (or several) pregnancies, the rapid weight gain/loss and breastfeeding can drastically change your breasts.

Additionally, as we get older, many of us struggle with our weight as our metabolism naturally slows down. Significant weight gain, weight loss, or fluctuations in your weight can cause your skin to lose elasticity.

Lastly, as we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and the breasts start to sag. This is why older women more commonly opt for a breast lift to bring their breasts back up to their formerly perky position.

A combination of breast augmentation and a breast lift is a popular choice for older women. This combination will ultimately allow you to redefine the shape and height of their breasts.

Choosing Your New Breasts

Breast surgery can enhance women’s figures at any age. These procedures can fix existing problems, such as drooping, sizing, asymmetry, breast sizing, and more. If you are uncertain of which breast surgery is right for you, schedule a consultation. Dr. Conrad will listen to your problems and your goals and recommend the best course of action.

Interested in Breast Surgery in Wichita?

If you are ready to get back your confidence with new, shapely breasts, book your consultation today. Dr. Matthew Conrad is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. 

You can schedule an appointment today, and Dr. Conrad will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns about the breast surgery you are considering. Book by calling (316) 681-2227 or by filling out this form.

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