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Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty or Brow Lift – Which One Do I Need?

3 Minute Read:  While we all age differently, early signs of aging often appear around the eyes and eyebrows. Blepharoplasty, otherwise known as cosmetic eyelid surgery, and brow lifts are two popular plastic surgeries to address these issues. Both of these treatments can lift sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles to deliver a more youthful and […]

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Wake Up Your Droopy Eyes With Blepharoplasty

Droopy, sagging eyelids can give you a sleepy, worn appearance. Even after a full night’s rest or a relaxing vacation, you may still look like you’ve just pulled an all-nighter. Blepharoplasty can brighten and refresh your appearance so that you don’t look fatigued all the time. This surgery for your eyelids can rejuvenate your whole […]

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8 Reasons for Men to Get Plastic Surgery Treatments

Did you know that well over one million American men underwent surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the last year alone*? Plastic surgery can enhance your appearance and give you a competitive edge in your social and work life. Here are eight reasons to improve your appearance with male plastic surgery procedures. 1. Reduce Facial Aging […]

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